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July 21, 2010

You repeat everything on the other leg.

The transition to the other side without losing contact:

Keep the heel with your inner hand.
Place your outser hand in between client’s feet, in the center.
Slide your inner knee to the heel, as you step your outer foot to client’s other foot.
Place your inner knee by un-worked heel
Take your outer free hand and place it on this heel.
Now you have contact with client.
Use your other hand and place it under client’s knee,
Shift  your outer knee into position as you bend client’s knee into tree pose and sit down between the knee in hero position,
Your inner hand on the hip, your outer hand on the heel.

Repeat –

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July 21, 2010

Reach for client’s foot and lift their leg, crossing it over your chest.
Change lunges, as you drop your inside knee down and lift your outside knee up
Change gripping hands, allowing client’s foot to fall into your outside fingers
Client’s foot foot against your forearm.
Keep your arm straight
Lean toward client’s head stretching their foot
At the same time apply light pressure on upper thigh with your inner palm (PP).
Move from knee to hip and back

Relieves hamstrings and back pain.

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July 21, 2010

As you straighten client’s leg control with your outer hand at the hell, rotate your inner hand under the knee so that client’s leg does not snap.
Let your knees relax away from one another, sitting in a wide knee working position.
At the same time slowly extend client’s leg to a 45 degree angle over your thighs.
With your hand on their knee circle 3 times clockwise direction.
Transition your outer hand under client’s heel, while your inner hand supports the knee at the end of the 3rd circle.


Begin to rotate the entire leg at the hip joint.

1st circle lean your body up off your feet.

2nd circle raise your outer knee into a lunge position.

3rd circle use your inner ankle to lock client’s other heel.

4th circle find client’s stretch point.
Stay with the stretch point at edge (don’t over stretch).

Stay here for 3- 5 breaths.

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July 21, 2010

BPP on client’s upper thigh from knee to hip and back


Chop up and down the leg in a clockwise motion 2 times to soften the muscle.

Be careful in the transition out of this pose:
Slide your outer hand back to the heel, inner hand to knee.

Slightly lift client’s knee releasing pressure and then rotate the knee to the shoulder, pressing the knee slightly down and keeping the ankle close to the glutes to reset and protect the knee joint.

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OMIT when working on people with knee injury

Suggested Dialogue:

“This stretch is very good for the lower back, stimulating the knee and stretching your upper thigh.”

Energetically one has to open the lower back in order to release the tension and stress from the shoulders and neck.


July 21, 2010

Lean back once the leg is extended straight and lightly pull on your hands

Shift the leg down an inch and repeat.

1-2-1 (depends on size of client. Come down just to middle of muscle or so).
Let your outer foot come down and place it as if against a wall, on client’s sit bone.

Relax your toes as client leg will roll over your toes.

Straighten your leg, and pull client’s leg over your toes.

Lean back and use your hands to slightly pull, massage top of foot if you like.

Without changing your foot position, extend your body forward and push client’s knee toward their chest. That will shift their muscles naturally, and repeat.



Take your inside hand under client’s knee, cupping it with a relaxed open palm.
Lift lightly, utilizing your outer hand, push client’s ankle laterally, toward their glutes.
Your inner hand stays under the knee, supporting and slightly pulling the femur out of the hip socket.

Roll over your knees, or use a mermaid style, by taking the legs sideways.

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July 21, 2010

While this pose relieves stiffness and pain, enhances flexibility,

OMIT this posture when working on people with knee problems.

Place your outer hand on hamstring muscle just below the knee.

Lean forward pressing knee down, slowly push heel away from you.

CAUTION: don’t overstretch.

Release, change hand position, placing it in the middle of the thigh.



Pivot your outer foot in toward client’s knee.
As you sit down behind your foot, your outer hand slides down to the heel.
Outer hand on top, inner hand on the bottom.
Place your outer foot sideways (like Charlie Chaplin foot, or a duck’s foot) below client’s knee.
Position client’s knee above their hip and adjust your body so that your leg is extended straight.

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July 21, 2010

Rotate client’s knee out and then back in toward the middle of their chest.

Place your inner foot over client’s free ankle to secure the position.

Palm Press into hamstring muscle.

Use your outer knee to support your outer elbow.

Keep your arms straight as you lean into client.


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