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Dr. Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha

April 20, 2010

According to Harald Burst, known as Asokananda, Dr. Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha is mentioned in the Pali Canon. Terry Clifford, in her doctoral work on Tibetan medical psychiatry, later published into a book, Tibetan Buddhist Medicine and Psychiatry (Samuel Weiser, 1984)  ‘His supreme skill as physician was matched by his supreme devotion to Lord Buddha, whom he atended three times a day. The Buddha declared Jivaka to be chief among his lay followers. Because of his medical eminence, Jivaka was three times crowned in public as ‘King of Doctors,’ and is therefore known as ‘Thrice Crowned Physician.” She contnues to quote from ancient sources, ‘He was an expert in pediatrics and excelled in brain surgery. He successfully performed intricate abdominal operation.”

Opening Prayer honoring Dr. Jivaka.

He was born in modern day Rajgir, in the ancient capital of Magadha, during the time of King Bimbisara around 540 B.C.E

Trained in Auyrvedic medicine, Dr. Jivaka was also well versed in Asana and meditation practice. Believed to have been inspired by the teachings of the Buddha, they became friends, and through his work with the Sangha, teaching monks about mindfulness and the power of mindfulness in healing, that he created the practice we now call Thai Massage.

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