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April 20, 2010

Opening and closing prayer for Thai Massage

Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma-sammbuddhassa (x3)
(prostrate before the blessed one, the perfectly awakened self that lies within)

om namo shivago silasa a-hang karoniku sapasatanang o-satha tippamantang papaso suriya-juntang gomolapato pakasessi, wantami bantito sumetaso aroka sumana homi (x3)
(prostrate before the founder Dr. Jivaka, who reaches us through his saintly life. May the knowledge of nature that extends through this prayer will show us the true medicine that lies in the universe. Through these words we acknowledge your help, and we offer ourselves in an effort to bring wellness and health to others)

Piyo tewa manusanang, piyo proma namutamo piyo nakha supananag, pininsiayng nama mihang namo puttaya navon navien nassatit nasatien ehi mama navien nawe napai tavien navien mahaku ehi mama piyong mama namo puttaya
(the goddess of healing dwells in the heavens high while mankind stays in the world below. In the name of the awakened one, may the heavens be reflected in the earth below so this healing may encircle the world)

Na-a nawa rokha payati vina-santi (x3)
(may the one we touch be happy, joyful, and any illness be released from them)

kayena vachaya va cetasa va buddhe kukamam pakatam maya yam buddho pati gan hatu achayantam kalantare sam varitum va buddhe
(whether by body, speech or mind, whatever wrong action I have performed against the awakened one may I be forgiven for all wrong doing and develop restraint regarding the awakened one within)

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